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Just letting you know how much I appreciate your teaching!! Positive, informative, respectful..encouraging. Thank you!!
Mary Beth

Simply put, Lydia has changed my riding and my relationship with our horses. She is helping me to grow from being a “mechanical” rider to a more feeling and intuitive rider. It has changed the way I think about riding and what I do in the saddle. As a result, I’ve developed a stronger connection with my horses and I’m a more relaxed, balanced, and confident rider.

Lydia has a gift for assessing a rider/horse pair and creating a goal-oriented plan to help both reach their highest potential. She relates equally well to both horses and humans, and is able to adjust her style to suit each rider’s unique needs and goals. She’s very patient and intelligently answers questions, explaining not only what is going on but why it is happening. She challenges me to push past comfort zones and celebrates my successes with me. It’s not just about a lesson for her. She truly wants my horse and I to succeed, and she’s gone above and beyond to help that happen.

I highly recommend Lydia for any level or age of rider. Any student will be lucky to have her as an instructor!
Shari M.

Lydia ROCKS! She has helped me so much at becoming a better rider....and that's a saying alot! I'm so glad that we started lessons with Lydia. I was getting ready to give up, but she's taught me so much that I now own my own horse. Couldn't have done without her.
Carla B.


Life Coaching:

"When I started the program I had been sick for over 6 months. I had taken 4 rounds of steroids, 4 rounds of antibiotics and had been to 5 doctors. I don't think I could have gotten to where I am with out her coaching and friendship. I'm back at work full time and feel wonderful. I would recommend Lydia to every busy working Man or Women. Life is to short to let it pass by. Learn to love it and love what you do. My goal was to develop a healthy life style so that I would never be ill like that again. Lydia has been amazing to work with. She helped me find foods that would not trigger my allergies as well as give me more energy. She helped me recenter and focus on my health, family, spirituality and career.

Thank you Lydia, I'm looking forward to the next session."  Jan E


"When I began this series of interviews with Lydia, my goals were pretty simple: lose a few pounds, develop healthier eating habits, learn some tips on stress management. Little did I know what an interesting journey I was going to have. Not only did we work on these goals (and Lydia has tons of resources to share), she also has a gentle way of asking thought-provoking questions that made me delve into not only what motivates me to set goals, but also what blocks me from achieving these goals. The “a-ha” moments turned out to be rather surprising!"    Anne V


"I started this program with the goal of exercising 3 days a week for 30-45 and cooking meals at home with whole foods 4 days week. 90 Days later I've not only met those goals, I've exceeded them! I'm now exercising 5 or more days per week, and we are eating at home with whole foods 5-6 days per week. And the those changes are sticking, I have NEW HABITS! Lydia has helped me achieve not only my goals but she has helped me develop the mindset to put my health and wellness as a priority to enhance the work I do training my dogs and young horses. After completing the 90 Day Total Energy Transformation I know I can achieve any health goal I set for myself."  Debbie M.