Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to animal training. We look at diet, environment, management, past training, as well as ethology, and behavior of each animal. Partnering with owners to develop a comprehensive program unique to horse/rider or dog/handler based on  industry best practices, scientific research, and experience.

Our Story

After earning a B.S. in Animal Science (2005) from Texas A&M, Lydia become a certified Texas Science Teacher, but found her true calling in teaching horse owners horsemanship on weekends. In 2010, Lydia went full time in the Equine Industry teaching lessons and helping clients solve behavioral issues with their horses. A life long learner, Lydia added a Life Coaching certification to her business in 2017. In 2018 she added dog training to help more people with their animals and plans to test for her CPDT - KA certification in 2019.

Equine Background:

Lydia grew riding hunter/jumper ponies, Morgan's (competing to National level), and switched to dressage in the late 1990's. She also took part in 4-H Futurities, Horse Judging (state and national level), as well FFA.  In college she had the opportunity to ride cow horses, and learn the working western disciplines. Today she studies Working Equitation and plans to train her young Morgan gelding Obi to compete in WE. Students are showing in Western Dressage, WE, 4-H and classical dressage.

Canine Background:

Lydia has always loved dogs and done basic training/management with them. In 2011, her husband David talked her into a Doberman (a breed he had grown up with), and together they started Knight Watch Kennel.

Knight Watch Rey of Light

Adi arrived in 2012 and helped propel Lydia down the training path for Obedience and Rally. With a toddler in tow, Adi didn't finish her training for titles, but she ignited the fire to learn more. Fast forward to January 2018 and Lydia is studying under several CPDT trainers in the area and training the newest family member for Rally, Nosework, CGC, and maybe a trick dog title too..

You can follow Rey's adventures on our Facebook page.